Thursday, 8 March 2018

Premier Radio Thought on cutting slack in our lives

A friend’s wife has broken her ankle. I mention it because my friend’s been busy undoing a lot of commitments so as to be her carer. They’ll get through but it made me resolve to cut a bit more slack in my life.

Many of us live with schedules so rigid they can only get broken when ‘something happens’. It’s one great advantage of retirement that you can be more choosy about commitments, with an eye to fitting in things you like to do, and space that’s there when family calls upon you.

Retired or not its basic wisdom to leave enough slack in your diary to cope with the unforeseen. What’s unforeseen includes the Lord’s openings to share his love. It’s not a good witness to someone needy who comes our way when we can’t be promptly available to share God’s love in their hour of need.

Time pressure is on us all but Christians live with an eye to eternity, to things that aren’t so much urgent as important. Things we have to attend to in our lives need spacing out so things God has for us to attend to don’t get missed, not that things we plan aren’t godly, just that they need limiting.

Cutting slack in our lives is a sign we don’t exist to do stuff so much as to serve the right stuff, God’s stuff.

Lord of our lives lead us into more spacious living so we can be available to deal with the unforeseen and, most of all, the things you have up your sleeve for us. Amen

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